ResiShare® provides a simple, safe & reliable way for home buyers, investors, or anyone, to get a foothold on the property ladder.

Instead of the standard way a home (whether marketed by an owner, a builder or a real estate agent) is offered to the market for purchase by one buyer who needs to have a large deposit for the purchase of the whole property and who is able to qualify to get a large mortgage, ResiShare® allows every property put to market to be available for purchase by a single buyer (or couple) in the usual way, while at the same time also being available for purchase by a number of co-owners, on a ‘whichever occurs first’ basis.

Because not everyone wants to, needs to or can afford to own 100% of a property, residential shared ownership, or ResiShare®, lets an investor purchase anywhere from 10%, through to 100% and receive monthly rental income or lifestyle enjoyment (or a combination of the two) in ratio to the percentage owned.

Affordable Housing

Properties being marketed the ResiShare® way help address the ‘affordability’ issue by allowing almost anyone to get a foothold on the property ladder and can be identified by the ResiShare® sticker on the For-Sale sign and in other forms of advertising.


Tap into a much larger buyer demographic. If your property fits our criteria, we have investors, seeking monthly rental income,ready to move their cash out of shares, bonds & fixed term deposits and into a residential investment property just like yours.


Co-owners receive monthly rental income in ratio to the percentage owned. ResiShare® also has a built-in secondary sale mechanism for co-owners, as the next investor is seeking to purchase an income-producing asset that has potential future capital


ResiShare® investors prefer the new or established residential property that has strong rental potential or an existing tenant, low maintenance and prospects of future capital growth. All ResiShare® properties will be managed by a local agent.

ResiShare for Real Estate Agents

As an agent, there is nothing worse than driving past a property that you previously sold which is now listed with another agent. Worse yet if they didn’t even invite you to do an appraisal!

ResiShare is the simple solution to stay connected with your clients.

Real estate agents by learning just one ‘tweet-sized” line of text can automatically grow their rent roll.

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For Buyers & Investors

How millennials and others can get a foothold on the property ladder whilst still enjoying their daily smashed avocado & latte.

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For buyers & sellers ResiShare® provides a better way to sell & a great way to invest. Contact your nearest ResiShare® accredited agent.

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A retired commercial lawyer, Peter Llewellyn, developed ResiShare® in 2016 as a way of addressing housing affordability. Peter’s basic concept was to alter the way homes were being offered to the market.

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